Budgeting & Planning

Business Startup

Have you got a business idea that you want to implement. We know that starting a business can be overwhelming. But with the right support, it’s something anyone can do.

Our team have the necessary experience, skills, and tools to guide and advise you in a cost-effective way when entering into business. We will help you with:

  • Finding the most suitable structure for your business
  • Prepare a business plan, cash flow projections, budget, and trading forecasts
  • Assess you finance requirements, advise on the best sources of finance, and draw up the necessary proposals
  • Establish a good working relationship with your bank
  • Setup an accounting system for your internal use and for complying with statutory requirements

Cash Flow Management

We’ll talk to you about your business objectives, ensuring that you get relevant insights from your cashflow forecast. Whether it’s short-term liquidity planning or growth planning – our team can provide you with accurate and timely cash flow reports to help you:

  • Understand when cash is available
  • Get out of debt faster
  • Plan and prepare for expansion, stock control and taxes
  • Analyse and anticipate key expenses
  • Ensure your business will always have the money it needs
  • Grow your business more predictably.

Strategic Planning

As a business owner, your time is limited, and there are always things to do. The pressures of day-to-day tasks can often mean that strategic planning falls behind. But to have a successful business in the long term, you must plan ahead. We’ll help you put together a strategic plan covering your business goals for the next 3-5 years, pinpointing exactly how you and our team can work to achieve them.

We will work through the process to identify your needs, goals, and strategy, and put your plan into action.


Tax Preparation & Planning

Tax Preparation & Plan

By managing your tax obligations, not only can you reduce your risk, but you can also increase your after-tax return. We provide practical advice and work with our clients to maximise savings and minimise tax. We are outcome focused and will aim to provide you with practical solutions to your problems.

  • Personal and business tax returns and advice on tax payment
  • Help with GST, FBT, ACC obligations
  • Tax minimisation

Bookkeeping & Payroll


Our bookkeeping services help our clients to offload the complex and technical aspects of business on us leaving them with more time and energy to the business that can be used to develop business market and save on the cost factor


We have a dedicated payroll management services team which can provide all aspects of payroll transactions and advice of legislative compliance issues. This is especially important with often complex tax regimes, holiday pay legislation and Kiwisaver deductions with employer contributions.

In an ever-changing digital landscape, we stay up to date with the latest in payroll technology, such as process automation, cloud technology and artificial intelligence.


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